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Exercise and the Menopause – Benefits and Tips, from Dr Juliet McGrattan

Top marks to the BBC Breakfast team for #BBCMenopause. They have without doubt, raised the profile of and broken down taboos surrounding the menopause. The coverage has been interesting, informative and very much needed.

via Exercise and the Menopause — Dr Juliet McGrattan

An interesting article on the benefits of exercise for women after menopause.  It goes into the details of health conditions that can be improved by exercise, as well as specific kinds of exercises to do.  One of the keys is to start out with a comfortable amount of exercise.

Exercise, specifically walking, has also been proven to remedy sleeplessness and insomnia for menopausal women.  It can also reduce hot flashes and night sweats.

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A Missing Link to Health: Vitamin K2 and its Top Benefits

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Vitamin E and Minerals Help Hot Flashes and Insomnia

Vitamin E is famous for it’s health benefits to glands and organs, however it may not be generally known that vitamin E is a proven remedy for hot flashes. Adelle Davis, the first nutritionist to base her recommendations on science-based studies, says: “During the menopause the need for vitamin E soars ten to fifty times over that previously required. Hot flashes and night sweats often disappear when 50 to 500 units of vitamin E are taken daily, but they quickly recur should the vitamin be stopped.”

One study supporting vitamin E is from the University of Iran, published in Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation in 2007.  400 IU of vitamin E in a softgel cap was given to the participants daily for four weeks. A diary was used to measure hot flashes before the study and at the end. The researchers concluded that vitamin E is effective and is a recommended treatment for hot flashes.

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