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Research on Rice Bran Oil: Remedy Cholesterol, Menopause Insomnia, Immunity, More

Rice bran oil can help our health in many ways…

How Can I Get to Sleep? News on Insomnia Remedies and Sleep Aids

Rice bran oilRice bran oil is a heart-healthy oil that is used in cooking, salad oil and nutritional supplements. It is extracted from the outer bran coats of rice. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids that help fight disease and promote good health.

Research studies have found that rice bran oil reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, remedies menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, strengthens the immune system and protects the retina of the eye. Rice bran oil is rich in two types of natural vitamin E and also high in Oryzanol (a word that sounds like “Original”), which is a powerful antioxidant only found in rice bran oil. Antioxidants protect our tissues from deterioration and help to slow the aging process.

One example of rice bran oil benefiting heart health is a study done by a team of cardiovascular scientists in Japan. The 60-day…

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Relieve Hot Flashes and Night Sweats with Sage and Raspberry Leaf Tea

How to relieve hot flashes with sage and raspberry leaf tea …

Magnesium Sleep

Sage and Raspberry tea for hot flashesThis is a simple tea for hot flashes and night sweats that contains sage and raspberry leaves. It is not known why sage leaves reduce sweating, perhaps due to its astringent properties. (An astringent is something that causes body tissues to tighten or shrink). Raspberry leaves are traditionally used to balance female hormones. Prepare this tea fresh before drinking.

1/2 tbsp fresh sage leaves (if you use dry leaves, use half the amount)
1/2 tbsp fresh raspberry leaves (if you use dry leaves, use half the amount)
8 ounces freshly boiled water
Stevia/honey/maple syrup to taste

Wash the sage and raspberry leaves, pour the boiled water over and steep for 8-10 minutes. Sip a small glass every 3 hours.

This info is brought to you by Nutrition Breakthroughs, courtesy of the Healthy and Natural World website. Nutrition Breakthroughs makes the effective natural sleep aid Sleep Minerals II.  Sleep Minerals II…

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Vitamins and Minerals Help Sleep and Remedy Insomnia

The best vitamins and minerals for good sleep…

Magnesium Sleep

vitamins(From NaturalNews) For better sleep, the body needs healthy foods and nutrients. Many nutrients are known to have a calming effect on the nervous system and help promote good sleep. Whole foods contain many of these natural insomnia cures, but supplements are also available to ensure that you obtain the proper dietary amounts.

is nature’s tranquilizer. Some feel that calcium is best absorbed in the evening, suggesting that the folk medicine suggestion of a glass of milk before bedtime might be a good idea. Natural forms of calcium are dairy foods as well as green vegetables and sesame. A spoon of sesame seeds has ten times the calcium as a similar amount of milk. Spinach is also high in calcium. Take 1000 milligrams of calcium daily.

is needed to absorb calcium. Many calcium supplements also contain magnesium. Epsom salts are made of magnesium and an Epsom salt bath…

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